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I create architecture that elevates and enhances my clients’ lifestyles. 


Transcending mere aesthetics, I translate my clients’ aspirations into physical form, designing unique homes and architectural interiors that harmonise with how they want to live today and tomorrow. 


At the heart of my architecture practice is people. I find great joy in uncovering and understanding the motivations, wants, and needs of my clients to create homes and places of gratification and fulfilment. 


My creative inspiration is diverse and continuously found in nature, music, travel and in particular, my life as an artist. My lifelong practice of making abstract paintings and sculptures began in the art studios of South Africa and naturally progressed into an architecture career, including at global firm SAOTA. 


Today, my architecture is art at its grandest scale, a fearless exploration of structure and shape that is meticulously crafted and rigorously built to respond to each client’s vision and all its small but vital details. 

“I believe architecture is for living and living to the fullest of what we can hope and imagine. We all yearn for the ‘dream home’ that embodies the ‘dream life’ we wish for. The process of creating such a home is taken very seriously and treated with care.” 

Alexandra Mowday

Alexandra Mowday


Alexandra Mowday Snow day

Every Alexandra Mowday project starts with curiosity, conversations, and an open mind. The outcome is not predetermined; it evolves as client relationships deepen and the project unfolds. 


Continuous, open, and honest collaboration is central to my practice. Exchanging, listening, learning, and discovering are critical to successfully translating big ideas, thoughts, and feelings into something real and delightful. Once the concept is agreed I oversee every aspect to completion, fully immersed in every detail.


This hands-on involvement drives value, quality, and best practices at each stage, resulting in outstanding outcomes and beautiful homes far exceeding what was ever thought possible.

Alexandra Mowday
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