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Project Type - Renovation of an Federation house (Under Construction)

Location - Mosman, Sydney

Photos - TBC

Behind a traditional Federation facade in Mosman, a reinvention unfolds as we save a 'Grand Dame' from the brink. 


Owned by my client for many years, Noble House revealed her tales of wear and tear during initial project discussions about the property's future. Originally constructed in the early twentieth century, the house had weathered unsympathetic renovations, with moisture infiltrating the entire structure.


Beneath its elegant cornices and Federation fretwork, a closer inspection unveiled another silent threat – the house was perched upon a collapsing foundation, turning what appeared to be a straightforward renovation into a meticulous period restoration.


Protecting Heritage, Designing for Endurance


In the pre-design phase, collaborative discussions with my client led to two crucial design principles. Firstly, despite lacking a heritage listing, we agreed the renovation must be treated as a restoration to preserve the essence of the original house.


Secondly, in introducing new materials, the criteria were clear – durability for the next hundred years. Our catchphrase for the project: ‘Is this a Noble item we are adding to the house?’


Heritage in Detail: Embracing Craftsmanship


As the renovation of Noble House moves forward, it has been a journey of love for the artistry of moulds and corbels, a passion for plaster, and many happy hours spent observing heritage artisans at work.


As we eagerly await its completion, the house, once a victim of time and ageing, now echoes with renewed hope. What once teetered on the edge of structural compromise is now poised to proudly stand as a fine example of Federation architectural elegance for another century and beyond. Stay tuned as this 'Grand Dame' reveals herself. 

Alexandra Mowday
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