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Project Type - Interior renovation

Location - Balmoral Beach, Sydney

Photos - Simo Whitbread

At the serene southern end of Balmoral Beach, you'll find The Balmoral Sailing Club – a beloved place that breathes the spirit of yesteryears. The original 1975 club building stands unchanged, overseeing Balmoral Reserve and the bay. Sailors rig boats on the lawn, children climb trees, and the clubhouse - witness to forty-five years of memories - serves its members and the community. My challenge: to renovate the interiors of the first-floor change rooms and main hall.


Preserving Timeless Tranquillity


Approaching the clubhouse is akin to stepping back in time. The two-level structure, with boat storage on the ground floor and a first floor housing a meeting hall, change rooms, office, and kitchen, has weathered the ocean breezes gracefully. This project would be a special renovation, paying homage to the original 1970s architecture that has been an integral part of Balmoral’s sailing community.


Nautical Nostalgia Unveiled


My design approach centred on sailing culture, awash with the architectural essence of the '70s. Terrazzo tiles, reminiscent of the era, grace the floors, echoing the ambience of the club's earliest days. Tasmanian oak benches add warmth, whilst tongue-and-groove cladding brings a maritime aesthetic in tribute to sailing boats and the old-fashioned sea-faring traditions of club members.


Renovating with Respect


With a renovation that respects its past, Balmoral Sailing Club has been transformed into a living archive of memories, camaraderie, and love for the sea. It is a joyful journey through its time, where cladding and Terrazzo tiles create spaces that sail seamlessly between the club’s past and the present. 

Alexandra Mowday
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