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Project Type - A New house (Ongoing)

Location - Beauty Point, Sydney

Every client has individual desires, and sometimes, small and quirky requests spark the grandest creative ideas. For their new luxury home, Beauty Point House, my clients asked for a design that would be as 'spiderweb-free' as possible. This translated into a finished architectural concept that had no nook or a single cranny!


The unique property is currently being built near the stunning shores of Beauty Point in Sydney’s Lower North Shore. It was my client’s spider-free challenge that set in motion my design vision that seamlessly fuses nature with understated abundance. 


Working with Nature's Constraints: Maximising a Narrow Site


This build's long and narrow site originally hosted an existing terrace-style house toward the front. The rear, however, could not be developed, guarded by dense vegetation, imposing rock formations, and a natural water easement. A creative approach was imperative to maximise the design potential within these constraints. Given the narrow nature of the site and a facade that was Northwest-facing and highly exposed, I developed a design solution that would be both inviting towards the street and retain privacy.


Flowing Design, Seamless Integration


The front entry of Beauty Point House boldly projects towards the street, inviting visitors into a double-volume space that draws them toward the rear. Here, the house opens up to an extensive garden that effortlessly merges with the natural bushland embracing the property.


The material palette for the home is neutral and textured, referencing the family’s Mediterranean heritage. The exterior facade is kept elegant and clean, requiring minimal maintenance.


Client Vision Realised: A Haven of Relaxed Luxury


At the core of my design is the client’s insistence that the house must be welcoming and exude a sense of relaxed luxury. From the strategic facade to the lush garden integration, I crafted every element to resonate with the family's informal yet affluent vision.


As Beauty Point House takes shape beneath the trees, it will eventually stand as a harmonious blend of natural beauty and architectural creativity, a home of innovative design where the narrow confines of the site become a world of opulence.

Alexandra Mowday
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