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Project Type - Renovation of a commercial factory space

Location - Brookvale, Sydney

Photos - Simon Whitbread

Dancing Sunshine Studio was a relic of the past - a disused 300m2 cabinet factory frozen in time, filled with machinery, cabinet samples, and old brochures. 


Tasked with the challenge of turning this abandoned factory into a vibrant, multi-functional unit of creativity, art, and dance, I proposed a radical yet simple transformation that would weave together history, colour, and purpose.


Stripping Away the Past


The first step was to erase all the old elements of the interior fit-out to reveal its structural bones – a long, dimly lit steel frame volume. To emphasise its length and activate its potential, I ran a narrow skylight through the spine of the unit, infusing the space with diffused light.


Creating Energy through Colour


With my canvas clear and well-lit, the next question was about injecting personality. Here, my client's favourite colour, bright yellow, became the guiding force to achieve a feeling of vibrancy and creative energy. 


A wall of 'Olympia Yellow' joinery was strategically run along the length of the space, pinning together the dance studio at one end, with its elevated sprung floor, ballet barre, and mirrors, and the art-making space at the other. In the centre, a kitchen and hang-out space allude to socialisation and activity, allowing a clear view of the dancing from the main body of the room. It is a  space that would satisfy any member of the Australian ballet!

Alexandra Mowday
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