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Project Type - Architecture, Interior Design & Renovation

Location - Surry Hills, Sydney

Photos - Simon Whitbread

As the world shifts towards sustainable living, the challenge is set: how can we fashion urban spaces that are practical and beautiful? My renovation of Laneway House proves that warmth and wonder can unfold within the smallest confines.


A New Perspective


A modest two-bedroom standalone property, setback from a busy thoroughfare, Laneway House was a remnant of a bygone era when Victorian terraces were subdivided into quaint cottages. Spanning a mere 77m2, I approached its renovation through the lens of perspective. With the firm belief that small is not a constraint but an opportunity for generosity, surprise, and pure joy, I designed every nook and cranny to defy their limitations through material, shape, colour, and texture. 


Where Small Becomes Generous


Laneway House is much more than a renovation. It is a home where small is celebrated, defying expectations and revealing the extraordinary possibilities within the seemingly ordinary.

Alexandra Mowday
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