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  • Alexandra Mowday

Caves + Revelations

I would not have been the first (or last) person to enter a cave and have a revelation. It is almost decidedly clique. But that is what happened when a raining and windy spring day that I sought refuge from a storm and in our hour of need, we came upon a cave.

One does not know the value of a shelter until it is unavailable.

We had been canoeing down the Kangaroo River in the Murra Murra National in NSW. The weather had been eventful with gale force winds, near freezing temperatures at night and incessant rain. We had not seen an another person on the river for two days and morale was running low within the family. So it was with an incredible amount of relief that we found a shelter in a cave above the river. It was within this cave that I came to truly value the built environment.

Architecture in its most basic form is shelter. It is a roof. Protection.

Architecture is for people. This again is an obvious observation. Flora and fauna have no need of electricity, colorbond roofing and wall to wall carpet.


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