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Nestled in a bustling urban enclave tucked away in a pedestrian passageway, Laneway House stands as a testament to my belief that small can be generous and joyful. Spanning a total of 77m2 across a two-bedroom layout, I redefined compact living through a lens of perspective. In the era of conscious living where sustainability and efficiency meet aesthetics, Laneway House exemplifies small as surprisingly practical and delightful.

Step inside Balmoral Beach House, my family’s former home. Originally a 1929 brick bungalow ripe for demolition, I transformed it into an open, light-filled home, elevating it above its original lines and adding an imposing facade of native timber and charred ironbark to anchor the design to the landscape. Retaining many historical features, the home is an artistically driven reimagining of suburban living in a coastal context. 

This is no ordinary terraced house. Once meticulously renovated by renowned architect Anthony Gill, its history and craftsmanship influenced my design approach. The vision was a seamless connection of new materials with the existing design. At its centre is a warm neutral palette, complementing the joinery and fittings, whilst linear lighting echoes the house's geometric lines. The result: a harmonious evolution that expands on the original concept. 

Balmoral Beach House Facade

I'm Sydney Architect and designer Alexandra Mowday. I create beautiful homes, spaces, and places that defy convention and command attention. 

Button Factory Living Room Sketch

My practice transforms client aspirations into unique experiential spaces, beyond ordinary luxury. An exclusive and beautiful residence is a given – what I create is an unparalleled experience, where personal dreams and lifestyle desires are fulfilled in the form and flow of architecture, materials, and landscape. 

With a deep understanding of the emotional connection and sense of self that comes from our surroundings, I provide an intuitive, energetic, and joyful perspective, shaped by my love of music, sculpture, art, and their interaction with nature and the built environment. My philosophy is simple: I design for people first. I am always present, available, and intimately hands-on, working collaboratively with clients to achieve an exceptional outcome. 

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